Why I didn't go back to Titan Fitness

I wanted to write blog post to update you on my latest visit to 'The Soi'. You might want to start by reading my previous blog posts about Thailand - there is one from when I first visited a few different areas in Thailand and another from one of my other visits in the last year.

When I decided to pack up my apartment and head back to Thailand, my first thought was how excited I was to get back to Titan. They have always let me train for free and so I was naturally posting about all the great classes I was doing. This is where I fell in love with Crossfit-style training.

It worked so well for them because I know so many of you booked Titan on my recommendation. They have often offered me accomodation but I've politely declined because I had heard so many horror stories about the accomodation in Little Hill. Plus for only a tiny bit more money (or maybe even less!) you can stay in much nicer places on the street, within a stones-throw from Titan. 

In my previous blog posts I always tried to allude to the recommendation of booking your own accomodation and staying away from the meal plans because there are so many nice food places on the Soi. From speaking to people in camp - it seems that after people arrive on a package, they usually book everything separately if they are returning or extending their stay.

When I mentioned I was going to go to Thailand for a month, Titan got in touch to kindly offer me a month's accomodation at Cocoville (one of the nicest places to stay) along with free training for the month (approx €500 from what I hear, I can't find exact cost on website). The condition was that I would mention their packages and their PT course in a blog post. I was a little hesitant and I also advised them to work on making the packages better value if I am to recommend them. I’ve always heard it was better value to turn up at the gym on the day and book training.

After speaking to people I know who had trained there over the summer, or had done the PT course or had worked there - it really made me question whether I was making the right decision by accepting... From what I could see, the coaches I had loved were leaving and they were hiring interns from the PT course to teach "Crosstraining" classes. I wondered what I could learn from trainers that had less experience than me - especially as I had learned so much more while I was at home. I had also heard some other stories about clients and staff being mistreated.

Now please note, this could be all "he-said, she-said" and I don't want any of it to be taken as gospel but I just want to paint the picture as to why I had to go with my gut and morals and turn down the offer from Titan and train elsewhere. It felt weird because Titan have always been so kind and accomodating to me, but ultimately I wasn't comfortable promoting something if I was the only one getting special attention.

For me, the trust of my followers is very important to me so I saw this opportunity to try another training camp on the street for review. I know a lot of people presumed Titan was the only camp in the middle of nowhere but there are a few different options.

It was a no-brainer that the next place I would try is Unit 27. Unit encompasses the official crossfit box - Crossfit Phuket - in a large, in-door, airconned gym. The trainers are some of the best in the region and there are several CrossFit classes a day.


Unit 27 also has a huge range of conditioning classes on throughout the week. These are suitable for all fitness levels but be prepared to be pushed to your max - whatever that is for you! Most of these classes take place in their other training facility across the road. There's no aircon here but plenty of fans to battle the heat. The Sauna and Ice Baths are available to use after class - but I didn't get a chance!


It is very simple to check prices, create an account, buy units and sign up for classes - all through an app on your phone. Just search Unit 27 on the app store! I bought 6 credits for the few days and it cost 2696 Bt (about €11 a class). The price goes down slightly with the bigger packages purchased. 

Here are the classes I did

Crossfit (x3)

Kalorie Killa

The Executioner

S&C Rapid Fire - Wild Card

I would say Kalorie Killa was the hardest class I have ever done!! It was an HIIT class covering all types of equipment and body weight exercises. I burnt over 1000 calories in that class!


The Executioner is a weekly class that doesn't change. The idea is to gauge your progress week to week by doing 3 min AMRAPs (as many reps as possible) across 9 stations. There is 1 minute rest. Technically you can go at your own pace but the trainers do not let you sandbag it - they will know if you're not trying your best!

The Rapid Fire class on a Saturday is a Wild Card class and it was so much fun. We basically played lots of games in teams while burning lots and lots of calories!

The Crossfit classes were good but I happened to drop in on a de-load week so there wasn't much strength work and lots of accessory work. The WODS were tough but I actually found them easier than the conditioning classes!

I have to say I was very impressed with my few days in Unit and I would choose it over Titan next time. I felt like the weight fell off me over a few days from those conditoning classes! If you are considering booking - I would weigh up the cost per class in different gyms depending how much you plan to train. 

I don't know when I will be back on the Soi but I was speaking to a few people who were also recommending Tiger Muay Thai for a range of classes and training so I think I'll have to test that place out for review on my next visit. 

I hope you found this helpful and I just want to reiterate that I have such fond memories of my time in Titan but, this time, it just wasn't the right move for me.

Thank you for reading,

Siobhan x

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