10 ways I failed to stay on track at the Wedding, and what I could have done

So I spent a fabulous weekend in Arklow Co. Wicklow for my cousin's wedding. I had such a fun weekend with my cousins and extended family. I never get to go to weddings so I was in a bit of a 'yolo' mindset heading away for the weekend.

First of all, to get into good shape, some sacrifices are necessary. However I am a big believer in 'no regrets' so I never want to look back and think I could have had more fun at that wedding if I let loose a little. I've realised that if I do go off track for a weekend, a few more weeks of hard work can pull it back. It is often worth it. The problem arrises, however, when you don't have a few weeks of hard work to pull it back. I've realised that I'm at that age where every second weekend (or even more frequently) there is a wedding, or a hen, or a 30th, or a christening... (note - none of which will be mine any time soon!) 

So I put a list together of everything I could have done better this weekend and what I will do in future!

1. I started 'holiday mode' way too early! I went for food and pints with some of my family on Thursday evening and then woke up too late and hungover to train on Friday morning. Nevermind the extra thousand or so calories I added onto my weekly intake.

2. I didn't train on the wedding day. Luckily I live beside a 24 hour gym and I could have gotten up to train before getting my hair done, which would have done some damage control and set me up for the day.

3. I didn't prep any food. I could have had some meals with me in the car for the day. The wedding was at 1pm so we had a fry in the morning and by the time we ate our dinner it was almost 7pm. I'm pretty sure I had about 6 bread rolls before the 4 course meal!

4. One thing I wouldn't change - enjoying the meal. I will never be the person who whips out the tupperware at the wedding meal. If it is one meal where you go way over your calories, it shouldn't be a huge issue. 

5. I need to realise I wasn't 'staaaaarving' by the time the triangular sandwiches and wedding cake came out. At this stage I had a good few drinks on board and when I see food after drinking I can't control myself. It is such unnecessary calories that I think I need to just avoid in future.

6. I should have aimed for more low calorie drinks. I was drinking prosecco and wine most of the day and then gin and tonics all night. I could have saved a lot of calories (and a lighter hangover!) if I avoided the wine and drank water with dinner. Then I should have gotten slimline tonic with my gins. I only recently saw a video that there is 26 teaspoons of sugar in a large bottle of tonic 'water'.

7. I should have planned what I was going to have for breakfast. I really went to town on the buffet breakfast. And I probably felt worse after it. If I was being smart about it, I should have had eggs and bacon, and avoided the carbs until later in the day. 

8. I should have drank less. But the party kept going in the residence bar?! I don't think I would have had any less of a night if I had gone on the water in the residence bar! They even provided tayto, bread and butter... A brilliant or terrible idea?!

9. I should have gone to the gym! I brought my gear but I was too hungover. If I had gotten a session in, it would have done some damage control for 'Day 2'.

10. I probably did not need the night out in Arklow town on the Saturday night. I had a great day with my cousins and then a lovely family dinner again in the hotel. I could have gone home happy! But... lots more gin & tonics and half a garlic cheese chips later, I feel rubbish! In future I will try stick to one day weddings (unless of course they are my best friends etc) because it even rolled into me getting chips on 'Day 3'.

Have you any tips on how to limit the damage at events? Tag a friend that might find this helpful!

Siobhan x

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