Why I am choosing to have a breast augmentation…

First of all, this is a personal choice, but as an advocate for positive body image, I feel it is important to explain my choice.

This is something I have always wanted as far as I could remember. I was never any bigger than a 34A (except for that time I was measured as a 36A in 2012 and thought that was the last straw!). I never wanted to have big boobs but I wanted to have something. I put it on my New Years Resolution for 2014 as a realistic plan. I told myself I would get the surgery once I was happy with my weight - which I never thought I ever would be!

My first consultation in 2014

My first consultation in 2014

My new years resolutions for 2014 vs 2015 :)

My new years resolutions for 2014 vs 2015 :)

I went down for my consultation in The Avoca Clinic in May 2014 because I just wasn’t happy with a lot in my life and thought this might help. The staff were so friendly and made me feel completely at ease. After meeting with the surgeon and getting measured up for size and discussing different options, they brought me into the Breast Suite where you can try on the size you have picked using a special bra. 

The ladies in the office were so helpful and explained the breakdown in cost and gave me available dates. I had some money in the credit union but to cut a long story short I ended up deciding to spend the money on my personal training course instead.

There started my journey which saw me transform my life and body and I have never been happier! I am finally happy with my body and no longer feel like I need a breast aug, but now I am getting one because I want one.

So many women I know, especially in the fitness industry have got them done and love what it has done for their bodies. I have learnt that through hard work and discipline I can sculpt any part of my body but the only part I can’t control is the size of my breasts - although I have built some muscle in my chest, which has resulted in some cleavage in photos :)

When I returned to The Avoca Clinic recently and revisited my options, I knew the timing was right. It was something I wanted when I was really down and now that I feel like I’m on top of the world - it just feels right! 

I worked hard to change my body!

I worked hard to change my body!

We discussed the different options and he suggested tear drop shaped implants as I have a tall and broad frame, so we don’t want them to look too round. I also have a lot of muscle and very little breast tissue (that’s fat so I’ll take that as a result of my hard work!). I told him I would like to go to a size ‘C’. One of the ladies took a scan on the iPad and then when I was brought into The Breast Suite this time, they were able to show me a computer generated image of what I will look like with the chosen size implants. My decision was made. 

I don’t think there is as much stigma around breast augmentation anymore. I admit I train for health and happiness but my number one goal is aesthetics (to look good!) so this feels like a natural step for me. I understand not everyone will be happy with my decision but as I said, I am doing this for me and I am so excited so I would really appreciate your support in this. 

I will be documenting my journey through video logs, both on my channels and on The Avoca Clinic, and on my snapchat account (‘Siobhsies’) If you have any questions along the way, please ask and I will answer them as best I can.

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Here is my first introductory video:

I'm so excited!! 

Siobhan x