Under Armour Healthbox Review

I have been lucky enough to have been asked to test out the full Under Armour HealthBox, ahead of the European launch date (June 30th 2016).  After showing a preview of the Under Armour Record app on snapchat, I wanted to share a full review.

Taken from the press release, here is a little more information on the UA HealthBox.

“UA HealthBox is a revolutionary suite of products that is a world first in connected fitness systems. We continue to strive to make athletes better and UA HealthBox is another new technology that will help athletes of all levels, as they approach training in a 24/7 way" said Chris Bate, Managing Director Europe, Under Armour.

Now available on UA.com, the range includes:

  • UA HealthBox™: The world’s first Connected Fitness system designed by HTC made by athletes for athletes. The complete system includes UA Band, UA Scale, UA Heart Rate and retails for €449.00 // £349.00
  • UA Band™: A sleek sport band packed with advanced technologies in a uniquely adaptive form-fitting design. UA Band automatically tracks steps, distance, resting heart rate and sleep, and retails for €199.00 // £149.00
  • UA Heart Rate™: A compact heart rate monitor that features an innovative micro snap technology designed to provide comfort during workouts. UA Heart Rate retails for €89.00 // £69.00
  • UA Scale™: A Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled scale with an iconic circular design that measures weight and body fat percentage, and recognises up to eight individuals. UA Scale retails for €199.00 // 
  • UA SpeedForm® Gemini 2 Record Equipped: Under Armour’s first smart shoe tracks and stores data including time and date, duration, distance, and splits. This cutting-edge footwear provides an untethered running experience and allows the athlete to run device-free. The Gemini 2 RE retails for €130.00 and is available now on UA.com
  • UA Headphones Wireless: UA Headphones Wireless are engineered by JBL®, built for durability and guaranteed to never fall out. Available at JBL.com/under-armour and UA.com, the UA Headphones Wireless retail for €149.00

"UA Record exclusively powers the UA HealthBox experience and will serve as the hub for Under Armour’s performance and fitness data. UA Record now provides a holistic view of your health based on four quadrants - SLEEP, FITNESS, ACTIVITY and NUTRITION - through an intuitive single-view dashboard. This snapshot view of your daily progress is set towards individual goals and calculates insights based on your performance, including a brand new metric, “How do you feel?”. "

I have been using the Record app for a few months already but it becomes a lot more interesting when it is reading my sleep and steps from the UA Band, my fitness stats from the UA Heart Rate, my weight and body fat percentage from the UA Scale. 




While I am training, I can see how hard I am training by looking at the LED light on the UA Band on my wrist that indicates which heart rate zone I am currently in. I can also review the workout on the Record app in more detail when I am finished training. I particularly like the 'Willpower' score. The app learns your training habits and scores your workouts compared to other workouts you have done. 



The UA Scales has been interesting as I have been weighing myself daily. This is something I normally advise clients against doing but I have a healthy relationship with the scales and I have been using it as a tool to assess my maintenance calories. I have been testing how many calories I can have before going up on the scales (both in kg and body fat%). I feel like I have plateaued slightly with building muscle so when I see an increase on the scales I can usually see that I have gone over on my calories because it is all there in the app.





Because of the millions of users worldwide, Under Armour has partnered with IBM Watson to provide insights around training, nutrition, sleep and activity. 

This means you can compare yourself to other people of the same demograph. 

In summary, this is an excellent package to learn more about your training, nutrition and how your body reacts. Technology is advancing so quickly that it removes a lot of the guess work. The great thing about the HealthBox is that you don't have to invest in the full package at once. Each part can be used on its own too. For example, if you don't have the scales, you can still record your weight on the app. 

If you have any questions at all, leave them below and I will try answer them from experience.

Available in Ireland in Lifestyle Sports Grafton Street/Dundrum and from lifestylesports.com  

UPDATE: Under Armour have given me a full HealthBox to GIVE AWAY to one lucky reader. Check out my instagram to enter! Comp closes 23/07/2016