Pre and Post Holiday Weight

So some of you may know I went to Vegas for 8 nights. You can see the YouTube video here

I’m not a fan of the scales at all but I thought this might be interesting. 

Thursday 25th February (the morning I took off) I was 73kg. I would have liked to be 70kg to allow for the weight gain!

I ate and drank all around me. I knew I would gain weight. I wasn’t panicking. I had worked hard since Christmas. I felt great going away, but I wasn’t as lean as when I was going away last Summer. I would have preferred to be a little leaner going away but I would have had to cut out my weekly cheats and I just wasn’t willing to do that! 




I got home Saturday night (5th of March) and still ate rubbish. I decided to weigh myself Sunday morning to get back to reality asap and not leave it until Monday (when I would probably be even heavier!) 

I weighed in at 76.2kg on Sunday morning. That’s half a stone up. No surprises!

It was Mother’s Day so I went to Kerrigans and stocked up on my usual turkey burgers etc but I also got steak to make for dinner. It meant that we were having a nice dinner without being full cheat mode. 

I went to the gym and trained Back & Biceps but not to a great intensity! The last 5 days I aimed for 1800 calories, 180g Pro, 60g of Fat and 135g of Carbs. I haven’t been hugely strict on that but was in or around that mark each day. I did some cardio on Monday because I was only training shoulders but that’s it. Other than that I trained legs on Tuesday and Chest & Triceps on Wednesday.

Monday morning I weighed in at 75.2kg, Tuesday 74kg, Wednesday 73.7kg and today 73.2kg. 

So I am pretty much back to where I was when I stepped on the flight but I have to say I don’t feel it! I definitely lost some muscle while I was away, so while the scales might say similar numbers, I’m pretty sure my body composition is still very different. I am not complaining at all though - It was definitely worth it! I’ll just have to wait a little longer to get back in the crop tops! 

So the points I would like to make from this:

  • The number on the scales isn’t accurate to how lean you look and feel. 
  • If I was doing a ‘Clean 9’ or any other detox/cleanse and lost 7lbs in 5 days as I have, you’d probably be interested in buying it. It is not necessary. I ate lots of good food, plus some Nutella. 
  • Make your fresh start now. There is no point in waiting. If I had waited until Monday morning I probably would have been another kilo or two heavier instead of lighter!

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