Sunday Morning #BreakfastInspo

Well it might be 'Brunch' time by the time you read this but I just HAD to share this ridiculously easy and tasty recipe for protein pancakes!

Often I see recipes for 'Protein Pancakes' but they are full of oats and bananas that really just turn them into 'Carb Cakes' - which is fine, if it fits your macros :)

The other problem with some recipes is that they are just too complicated for me to bother. Nothing worse than reading a list of ingredients and realising you haven't got a pinch of vanilla essence or the hair of a unicorn!

Today is a rest day for me so I was looking for a low carb breakfast and came up with this beautiful creation:

  • 30g of Quest Protein Powder in Peanut Butter flavour
  • 50g of O'egg whites (or about 2 normal egg whites)
  • Water

Mix together and that's it! If you haven't got Quest Protein Powder, I'd advise to use a pinch of baking soda. The casein in the Quest helps it to rise (I think!). Alternatively you can mix casein with your whey isolate. 

I used a non stick pan and made smaller pancakes but you can also make one big one!

Macros for the above recipe?

Calories: 135, Protein: 38g, Fat: 1g, Carbs: 3g

Then you can play around with toppings to fit your macros. Today I used 30g of crunchy peanut butter, 50g of raspberries and topped it off with the chocolate flavour sugar-free syrup from MyProtein.

Delicious and really feels like a treat but I'm on track for a good weekend.

Comment below if you have any suggestions for great macro-fitting toppings!

Happy Sunday! 

Siobhan xx

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