Red Hair Don't Care

I thought I would write one fitness and one non-fitness blog post a week. We’ll see how long that lasts!

I thought the first non-fitness post should be regarding my hair as it is probably the area I get most questions on.

History: Hair Colour

First things first, this is my natural colour! And I love it! But I hated it growing up… I’ll give you the history of my hair colour. When I was about 14 I dyed it “light brown”. It didn’t make much difference so then I dyed it “Dark Brown”. Big mistake. It came out pitch black. I was in big trouble with my parents when they got home and my Mam marched me straight down to the hair dressers to see if they could strip it. Unfortunately there was nothing they could do! They suggested it letting it grow out and getting semi permanent colours in the roots to blend it. This was before I discovered tan or anything so I went with the gothic/ginger skunk look for a few years!! I can't find any photos, I think I've blocked that time out of my life!!


As soon as it was resembling my normal colour again, I started getting highlights. Soon I was a blonde bombshell, just like my sister and I loved it! I also discovered fake tan so by the time I was starting college, I thought my ‘pale-ginger’ secret was safe! People would wonder if myself and my sister where twins, which suited her because she could use my ID! But I lived in this constant fear that people would realise I was actually ginger and I was spending a fortune on highlights. I had clip in extensions too and I loved them.



Family and friends often said how they missed my red hair and eventually I agreed to dye it back red. One of my friends was a hairdresser and I trusted her with the process. All my friends called over that evening to watch my transformation! I had to go purple before I could go ‘Auburn’. At first, I hated it! I went from having long blonde hair (with the extensions) to short red hair. It didn’t look natural but my friend promised it would fade and it would look more natural.



My hair had been so blonde that I had to get her to keep applying the colour for maybe another year until I felt like it had all grown out and I was back to natural. I had started to really like it with all the compliments I was gettting! I had found clip in extensions to match. All of a sudden I felt individual, everybody seemed to have long blonde hair! I would never consider dying my hair again.


History: Extensions


So for the last 7 years I’ve been happy with my hair colour. I then went down the extension route. I first dabbled in clip in hair extensions. I would get them for about €50 on The addiction was real so I decided to invest in proper extensions. I enquired about Great Lengths and was quoted €950 and they would last 6-7 months. I also went to Shane O’Sullivan in Easilocks. He was only starting out. He quoted €450 including the hair that would be reusable. I decided to invest. I loved them! The only downside was that they didn’t have my colour and had to dye down some blonde extensions, which then faded when they were in my hair.


Just as I was about to go back in to get them reapplied, my hairdresser friend looked at the beads and said they were very similar to microbeads. She recommended I went to her friend who was trained in applying them. She charged about €100 to apply new beads using the same hair (or if I bought new hair myself in Hairspray). I really liked them! I liked it even better when the girl who did my nails got trained in micro beads and charged me even less to apply them.

Micro beads with hair from HairSpray

Micro beads with hair from HairSpray


My hair was getting in terrible condition though. I didn’t get it cut for probably about two years. I eventually decided to take a break from extensions and get a hair cut. It was so dead at the ends that I opted for a bob!! I loved that too! It was clean and dry so quick. It also grew back a lot thicker and stronger.



Current Situation:


I was happy with my hair this year. One of the guys in the gym works for Bed Head by TIGI and let me try the products. I fell in love with them! The difference a decent shampoo and conditioner makes, rather than whatever is going on special in Penneys! My favourite product has to be the Bed Head Superstar. It’s a volume spray you put in before you dry it and I’ve actually had people stop and ask me how I got the bounce in my hair!


My hair was growing pretty well but I knew I needed a chop. It’s one of those things you put off doing but know it will be better in the long run! I got it cut at Christmas in Boston Belle and again in August! They often have deals for Cut, Blow-Dry and Treatment for €35 and I love going into a salon rather than getting a nixer done.


Then I was considering extensions again and put up a post looking for suggestions. Denise from The Hair Lounge Swords got in touch and offered to do them for free. I was delighted!! She had recently opened her own salon in the Plaza in Swords (behind McDonald’s) and thought it would be a good opportunity for people to hear more. I went in for a consultation and they explained that they would be using pre-bonded double drawn Indian remy hair. They said with proper care, there should be minimal damage to my own hair. They usually only cost €289 for a full head including the hair so not too bad!


The process was very enjoyable, the staff were lovely and the salon is very stylish. I was in for a few hours and came out feeling very glamorous! Denise gave me a hair extensions kit which included Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner, Shine Spray and the Uniq1 product.


I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle them though. With the extensions I had before, I was washing, drying and styling them pretty much every day after the gym so I was getting up at crazy hours. This time I decided to try and wash my hair less and less. It is way better for your hair and a lot of hair dressers I know would only wash their hair once or twice a week.


It takes patience to wean your hair down but I’ve managed to get it to twice a week and I could probably push it out a bit more. I rely on the dry shampoo from Bed Head because it also smells amazing! I love the extensions because even when they are tied up, they still look good. This means I can get a few days with them tied up too. I now go into the Hair Lounge Swords for a blow dry every Friday and I would just tie them up for the gym, have my body shower, then brush them out and they would still look good! I also haven’t lost a single strand of extensions and they are in over 2 months now. I’ve had so many compliments on the extensions and the colour match. This is now just sounding like an advertisement for The Hair Lounge but I just rave about products I actually use and love!