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OH Fitness Factory

Revolutionary new program designed to get people active while learning about nutrition week by week. Suitable for beginners or those that do not have access to a gym. The Oh Fitness Factory covers workouts, nutrition & wellbeing, and most importantly - mindset. 

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Online coaching

The flexibility to train to suit your own schedule, for a reduced cost, with the nutritional direction, support and accountability of an excellent personal trainer and experienced nutritionist.

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OH Fitness Furnace

The next instalment of the OH Fitness Series. This is suitable for those progressing from the OH Fitness Factory or those who are quite fit but need a little more direction when it comes to training and nutrition.

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Personal Training

I am not currently taking on any new clients as I am at capacity but if you would like to leave your details below I will let you know as soon as I am back training people one-on-one


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