Dubai: Why I loved it but I could never live there

My first visit to Dubai was in 2007. This was when Dubai seemed a lot further away and a much more ‘foreign’ place. I went with my family for Christmas to stay in a relative’s apartment. It was a fascinating place back then and the first time I had travelled East of Europe. 

Since Emirates now fly direct from Dublin, it has become much more accessible and it has been interesting to see so many people turn to Dubai for their holidays. 

As well as that, I knew so many people who had moved to Dubai. I actually applied for Emirates cabin crew a few years ago as I really wanted to move out there but for a number of reasons I stayed in Dublin. But sure look, everything happens for a reason!

My goal this year is to travel as much as possible and when ‘Lisa Dee’ posted this picture of Dubai, I went on to Skyscanner and had a quick look at fights. I booked direct, return flights with Emirates for only about €450. I then went on to AirBnB and booked a studio apartment close to the Marina for €350 for 4 nights. I felt that was good value! And the timing was perfect as it was just before Ramadan kicked off.

I read Lisa’s blog post about moving to Dubai before I left and it really made me consider it and I hadn’t even landed yet!

Here’s what I squeezed into 4 days in Dubai


I flew overnight on Monday and landed in Dubai around 8am Tuesday morning. This was a great flight as I slept a lot (waking for food - obviously!!). I got a taxi to the AirBnB where I was met by my host Marnix. The taxi took about 30 mins and cost about 100AED including tip (about €25), although I could have gotten the metro which would have taken over an hour.

The apartment was perfect - a one bed located in the Marina which is close to Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR - a popular beach area). 

I met Lisa and Ruairi and we got a taxi to Nikki Beach Club. Tuesday is ladies day where ladies usually get special offers on drinks but we made a separate reservation for a bed and just paid regular drink prices. The queue was big when we arrived and I was trying to pretend I could handle the heat! Once we got our bed I was delighted. We ordered some cocktails and listened to the funky tunes that the female DJ was playing. I loved the music! We spent the day chilling, eating, drinking, laughing.

I’d recommend going to Nikki Beach or another one of the beach clubs (I’ve heard Zero Gravity and Cove Beach are other popular ones) for a real party vibe! 


After having a party day on Tuesday, myself and Lisa decided to start our day with some Iyengar yoga at 7am. This was different to any yoga I had tried before! It was all about using ropes and other props to really stretch and ‘lengthen’. I really enjoyed it, especially when I managed to do the butterfly pose upside down! We left feeling exhilarated and a little spaced out as the blood moved up and down our bodies!

On recommendation of several people and Lisa, we went to Eggspectation at JBR for breakfast and it did not disappoint! There was such a huge selection on the menu and you could either go really ‘good’ or ‘bold’ (apparently the fluffy pancakes are sensational) but I was feeling ‘good’ after yoga so I went for eggs benedict with smoked salmon and Philadelphia on rye bread. It came with a side of fresh fruit, which I thought was a little strange, as I accidentally was dipping my bananas in Hollandaise sauce…!

In the afternoon, Lisa, Ruairi and myself went to JBR again to try out the giant inflatable obstacle course - Aqua Fun. The owner, Ahmed, had invited us to try it out. Apparently, because we are fitness bloggers, we would have no problem getting around the course. Unfortunately fitness wasn’t as important as good balance and it turns out none of us were much use! Ruairi was the best out of the three of us, in that he didn’t spend as much time in the water but we all had several falls and slips! We laughed a lot!! I was surprised how much energy we used and I was glad when Ahmed let us skip one or two of the obstacles. We certainly earned our Fro-yo after that!

As exhausted as we felt, we managed to squeeze a little more into our day. Lisa and Ruairi, having lived here almost 9 months, had never been up the Burj Khalifa. Lisa went on GroupOn and booked Fast Track tickets for 145AED each (about €35). These were only valid outside the hours of 1-8.30pm so first we went to the Dubai Mall.

The Mall is the biggest in Dubai and we only passed through it. I wasn’t looking to go shopping but it was interesting to see it, including the giant aquarium. We went outside to see the fountains and there were so many people trying to take pictures and get a spot to watch the fountains (every 30 mins). However once we kept walking a little further over the bridge, the crowds dispersed and there was plenty of room. There are several restaurants outside the mall and we chose a Turkish restaurant called Gunaydin as they had tables outdoors overlooking the fountains and Burj Khalifa. The food was traditional and it was fine, nothing to write home about, but the setting was amazing and they did do an excellent Virgin Mojito. 

After dinner, we went to go up the Burj Khalifa. The queues were crazy and I could see all the time slots were sold out. I thought we weren’t going to get up as we had GroupOn tickets which hadn’t specified a time. But once we showed them, we were escorted straight into the fast track queue and we were up ‘At The Top’ in a few minutes. 

The tickets we bought, and the standard tickets, entitle you to go to the viewing deck on floor 124. We went out and took some pictures. I was expecting it to feel higher but I think that is because all the other building are also so high! There doesn’t seem to be any tour guide or much information given. We enquired about going to a higher floor and we were told that it was an extra 350AED (€75) to go to floor 148! I don’t know what happens 20 floors up but we weren’t willing to pay to find out! We were delighted we had fast track tickets, as the queue to get back down the elevator was really long. Included in our ticket deal was a pastry and a coffee from the cafe at the bottom and I have to say, the chocolate croissant was probably my favourite part of the ‘At The Top’ experience.



I spent most of Thursday catching up on work but I decided to go check out the Dubai Marina Mall which was a 15 minute walk from my apartment. I was unsure how to dress when going to somewhere like this as I was hearing mixed messages from a lot of people. Now I have concluded that, in reality, ‘anything goes’ as long as what you are wearing is not too provocative. I wore a pair of ‘Mom’ denim shorts and a basic t-shirt from Penneys. I was worried about having my knees exposed but once I got to the mall I saw others dressed in short dresses etc. 

The Marina Mall has lots of popular shops as well as the usual coffee shops and restaurants. I bought a backpack and sports bra from Reebok and made a big investment into my first pair of Lululemon leggings (probably the most expensive piece of clothing I’ve bought in years at 550AED (€135). They feel amazing and sure I’ll get the use out of them?!

Thursday evening, I went to meet my friend Karl in a bar that he goes to a lot called Nola’s in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT). We sat in the beer garden but it was so so hot and humid with no breeze. It was also happy hour so I had a good few G&Ts! Special mention has to go to the nuts they gave us at the table! I couldn’t stop munching on them!

I was back in the apartment early enough and decided to order some food in. There is actually an insane amount of choice, and that’s just on the Deliveroo app alone. I spent so much time browsing that I realised I wasn’t even that hungry so just went to shop for some ice cream and chocolate (holiday mode had officially kicked in!).


Fridays and Saturdays are the weekend in Dubai and Friday is usually the day people would go for Brunch. Brunch is usually a set price for all you can eat and drink! I wasn’t really up for a full day drinking myself. 

I wanted to squeeze as much as possible into my last full day. I got up early and made my way down to SkyDive Dubai where they have an outdoor workout area. I met my friend Kieran from ko8 fitness and he put me through a sweaty workout in the sun! It was great to look around and see others doing different types of training. Kieran was telling me about the fitness retreats he will be running in Phuket and I am seriously considering trying it out myself!

When I mentioned I was going to Dubai, Kelley from Chill Salon (in the Marina and in Media City) got in touch and offered to do my hair while I was there. It was perfect as I had attempted to do my own hair on Tuesday and it was just crazy frizzy! The salon was lovely and it was so nice to chat to Kelley as she had only moved over two months before hand. She even had one of her friends bring over two Fulfil bars for me! Such a nice touch! She put my hair in a curl and pin to make it last as long as possible.

Friday afternoon, I met one of my old friends Vicky and we went for afternoon tea in The Palace in downtown Dubai with a group of her friends. For 165AED (about €40), you have a buffet afternoon tea (but not with alcohol). This place was pure luxury! All the food was top class and I have to say I definitely got my €40 worth, especially as we got a discount using the Entertainer app (it seems to be an app to get special discounts in lots of restaurants)! I left the place absolutely stuffed and I also enjoyed the speciality iced teas and coffees. 

While downtown, my friend Jennifer (who knew I knew so many people in Dubai!) suggested meeting in The Black Lion in The H Hotel as they were doing a late brunch deal (250AED/€60 for unlimited drinks 6-10pm) and her friend Shero was DJing. We had a great catch-up and I had lots of G&Ts. By 11pm I knew it was time to go home and before I got in a taxi, I ordered a NKD Pizza via Deliveroo and raced it back to the apartment (The pizza won - my taxi driver got lost!).



After a few days of over indulging, I felt awful! I just spent the morning packing up but I managed to squeeze in a quick HIIT session at the hotel gym before I left for the airport. I would have like to go to Eggspectation again for breakfast (or even order it in!) but I was still so full from all the food on Friday! I got a taxi back to the airport for 80AED/€20.


I loved Dubai. Everything is pure luxury but it does mean the cost of living is quite high. I can see the allure of going out for a couple of years and to earn a good wage and save money as the wages are tax-free. To me, Dubai is quite ‘American-ized’ - everything is available at any time of the day. There is an app called instashop that delivers groceries so you can get a snickers and a bottle of water delivered to your front door at any time of the day! This sounds like the dream to the lazy part of me!! 

If you’ve never been, I’d highly recommend it but not in the immediate future as Ramadan starts next week (end of May) and goes on for a month, I think. It is a Muslim tradition which includes fasting during the day among some other restrictions. It is also crazy hot during the summer with temperatures reaching high 40s. 

Dubai is fun… maybe too much fun?! I was definitely in holiday mode, so I think I might have missed out on the fitness scene a bit but from talking to some of my ‘fitness’ contacts over there - they didn’t seem to enjoy Dubai that much compared to those that like to drink a bit more. It is mostly young expats out there to work hard and play hard. For me, I would find it very hard not to get swept into the ‘brunch culture’ and forget about the fitness side of things. I feel like I would need extra motivation and discipline to try and live a similar life to what I have at home!

But, I will be keeping an eye on Skyscanner for another good deal and visit maybe in December/January!


Hope you found this helpful or interesting! I want to try blog a bit more about my travels and I thought this format might be the best way to do it!

Thanks for reading :)

Siobhan x

How I came home from Portugal leaner than when I went away

Hey guys!

I’m just back from 4 days in Portugal (Thursday Morning - Sunday evening). I was nervous about travelling while on competition prep but with a great coach (Amanda from behind me I knew I could make it work. Luckily when I checked my measurements on Monday morning, all my measurements and weight were either down or the same which is exactly what I wanted to see.

Let me just say, if you are going away on your only holiday of the year, please don’t be this strict on yourself! You’ve probably worked hard for this trip and deserve to let loose a little. You can pull it back when you get home. I am prepping for a bikini competition in less than 8 weeks time so rather than not going away, I wanted to travel while not regressing.

I had planned on recording a vlog of my trip and I had recorded footage of the first day but somehow broke my memory card! I think I’ll put a bit more structure on a blog post to make sure you pick up all the important points. I rarely blog unless I have something I really want to share so it might be worth having a look at some of my older blog posts too. 

When I was packing, there were a few things I brought with me to help me stay on track:

  1. MyProtein Impact Whey - Chocolate Brownie flavour: High in protein, tasty and very portable. I often get asked if you can bring protein powder in your hand luggage and I’ve never had any issues!
  2. Peanut Butter: My favourite source of fat and always feels like a real treat. It can be hard to find jars of peanut butter with nothing added to them in Portugal so I brought my own.
  3. Wyldsson Pro Mix: A great topping for your porridge or even just to have as a snack on it’s own. 
  4. MyProtein FlavDrops - White Chocolate & Maple Flavour: I add these to my coffee to make them sweeter. White Chocolate is my favourite in coffee!
  5. Care Free Smokey BBQ Sauce: I add this to some of my meals for a bit of flavour
  6. MyProtein Zero Noodles: These are a life saver for bulking out your stir-fries for only 7 calories! They are also in a non-perishable packet so perfect for your case.
  7. The Gym Chef seasoning - Tandoori flavour: All good ingredients to add to your meat and veg for lots of flavour 
  8. Uncle Bens Boil in The Bag Rice: I thought these would be handier for cooking than measuring rice out to cook and eat.
  9. Biona Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: It’s hard to get pure and good quality coconut oil in Portugal so I put some in a tiny plastic tub to bring with me. 
  10. Supplements: I brought all the jars that I normally take but I think I need to get a pillbox for next time
  11. Kerrigans Turkey Burgers: I took a pack of 5 out of the freezer just before I left for the airport and they were still frozen when I got to Portugal so I let them defrost and ate them across the three days. I had to share with my sister - she is jealous that they only deliver to Ireland!
  12. Microwave Bags: I got these in Home Store & More and they are so handy for cooking realy quick when you don’t want to add any oils for cooking. They create pressure in the bag and can cook meat and veg in less than 5 minutes! 
  13. Gym Gear: One pair of runners and three training outfits for the three days. I also packed some gear to do cardio outside but the weather wasn’t great. 


I thought about the methods I used to stay on track and narrowed it down to these:

  • When booking accommodation, I try find somewhere that has a full kitchen so that I don’t have to eat out for every meal but luckily my sister lives in a great apartment so I knew I would be fine.
  • As soon as I landed I went to the local supermarket and stocked up on chicken, veg, oats, eggs, fruit and salad. 
  • I would pack my scales except my sister had one. No point in planning everything to a tee and then guessing the weight.
  • Instead of having a beer when meeting friends or sitting in a nice location; I had a coffee with flavdrops or a water. The view and company is still the same!
  • I was supposed to have a higher carb day on my first day over but after talking to my coach Amanda about it, I said I would prefer to have a nice steak and chips in my favourite restaurant. We agreed to move the refeed to the Friday and to plan what I was going to have. We even agreed on a glass of red wine to go along with it. 
  • I went out to my friend’s bar two nights and rather than having a G&T, I just had a water. I don’t think it changed the experience I would have had plus it was great to wake up a fresh head.
  • I always train in Bugavilia when in Alvor. It’s a well-equipped gym but it isn’t open as many hours as I like so I made sure to take Sunday as my rest day. 
  • I think I was a little bit more relaxed with my diet. I still stuck to my macros for the day but I wasn’t too strict on my macros per meal. On the first night my sister said she was making a chicken curry and she presumed I couldn’t have any. I asked what was in it and it was more or less along the lines of the stir fry I had planned. By eating dinner with my family I really really enjoyed that meal rather than eating on my own as usual. 
  • I think the biggest thing I did (or didn’t do) was enter ‘holiday mode’. I really wanted to prove to myself that I could travel while staying on track towards my goals. For me, Alvor is so familiar that it hardly feels like a holiday. I was working a lot of the time on my laptop so it wasn’t like I was lying on the beach and saying no to cocktails and ice cream.


Some staple meals I had to help me stay on track:

  • Oats & Whey / “Proats”: Probably my favourite meal because it is a great balance of protein and carbs and you can vary the portions to suit your macro requirements. It’s great for travelling because it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. I like to put it dry into my lunch box and then when I go through security I ask for boiling water with my coffee and add it in. I put the lid back on and let the oats soak up the water for a few minutes. I use MyProtein Impact Whey in Chocolate Brownie flavour. Highly recommend this flavour if you’re a chocoholic!


  • Chicken, Sweet Potato & Salad: Available in any supermarket, I presume! I chopped up the chicken and fried it in The Gym Chef tandoori seasoning and coconut oil. I chopped the sweet potato into chips and sprinkled some piri piri seasoning on them and put them in the microwavable bags. I made enough for two meals at one time so I didn't have to be cooking all the time


  • Turkey Burgers & Sweet Potato: As above but I used the BK Flamers instead of chicken


  • Eggs: So versatile and available anywhere. Great source of protein and fat or if you want to reduce your fat intake you can just use the whites. For one of my meals I had 3 eggs scrambled and cooked in coconut oil and served with a slice of granary bread that was on MyFitnessPal.


  • Fish & Potatoes: Alvor is great for fresh fish so when I wanted to go out for dinner with my friends we agreed to eat at the local market restaurant (This is the kind of place that Nandos is based on - chicken piri piri and chips except half the price!). They also do fresh fish and I enquired what it was cooked in. I was told they just add salt to the fish and a tiny bit of oil to make sure the fish doesn’t stick to the grill. I ordered this and it came with salad and boiled baby potatoes. I eyeballed the 150g I had planned for and gave away the rest. Such a tasty meal!


So that's it! I am so happy that I have finally proven to myself that I can travel and stay on track. So much so that I've booked flights to go back before the competition! 

Happy head going home on Sunday :) 

Happy head going home on Sunday :) 

Let me know if you use any of my tips and please share your own tips in the comments if you have any!

Thanks for reading :) 

Siobhan x

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Full Health Screening with Charter Medical - My experience

"Ah it'll be grand.." - My outlook on everything.

However, more recently, I've become a little bit worried about the fact I haven't been to a doctor in so long that I don't actually have 'a GP'. You know those forms you have to fill in and give your GPs name? I give the name of a guy that I'm not even sure is still alive!

ANYWAY, when Charter Medical asked me to collaborate with them to highlight the Women's Executive Health Screening, I thought it was a perfect fit and couldn't have come at a better time. 


For those that don't know me, my extended family has been through a lot. I'm so lucky to still have my four grandparents alive and kicking but with two of my aunties dying of breast cancer, this is something on the back of my mind. Due to my recent breast augmentation, I am unable to check my breasts for lumps as easily because of the implants. 

My dad almost died of a brain haemorrhage three years ago and it really does put into perspective that your health is your wealth. While you cannot pre-empt everything, it certainly helps your peace of mind to get a full check-up on how you are now.

The Process 

I arrived into Charter Medical at 8.30 on the Friday morning. I had fasted from everything except water for 12 hours. As soon as I registered with reception I was asked to give a urine sample and then I met the nurse.

The nurse was so lovely! She was confirming with me that I had fasted for 12 hours and I was saying it was no problem except I was struggling with no coffee. She asked another nurse to go get me a coffee so that as soon as my bloods were done it was sitting waiting for me! I have no problem with needles at all so I can hardly remember it happening. The nurse also took my height and weight and hooked me up to an ECG monitor to measure my heart activity. 

Then I went back to the waiting room with my coffee. Another nurse took me in for a lung test. I was worried about this part as I had a chest infection but I was able to do the test no problem. I just had to take big deep breaths and blow into an apparatus. 

No Stone Unturned

Next up was the doctor. She was a very helpful female doctor who immediately put me at ease. We actually had lengthy discussions on health and nutrition for females and I felt like she could have sat with me all day. I discussed my concerns and she said I have nothing to worry about. She told me that women over 50 years of age are entitled to a free mamogram. If there is a direct family member with breast cancer I think you are entitled to one from 40 years of age. If I want to get one before that I can get it done privately but she didn't think I needed to.

She checked my whole body, from my eyesight to my ears, from my heart to my lungs and she even said I was one of the best smear test patients she ever had. I had to share that compliment!!

Due to the fact I felt I had a chest infection, she sent me down for a chest X-Ray and I also had an optional Dexa scan (this checks for bone density). 

Then I was sent on my way with a voucher for breakfast in the cafe across the road - much appreciated having fasted for almost 15 hours!


Yesterday I received a full booklet in the post which gave a summary of all the results and any recommendations they could make based on the most up to date internationally accepted clinical guidelines.

Luckily, I seem to be in the 'Normal' range for all the categories tested. This is everything from fertility levels, to Vitamin D, to Iron Profile. I was actually quite surprised that I wasn't low on anything! I put that down to my balanced diet and regular training. 

I am quite relieved as I am very inconsistent with taking any types of vitamins and supplements but my diet obviously has me covered! 

Reduced Rate

I was quite surprised to hear that at the moment twice as many men come for health screens as women which is something we are looking to tackle. Charter Medical are offering both the Men and Women Executive Health Screen. It is normally €495 but you can get it for €350 if you mention 'Siobhan OH Fitness' when you are booking. Check out my Instagram to have a chance at winning a free Womens Executive Health Screening! 

For more information see the breakdown of what is included below and check out my YouTube video below where I speak more about it.


Thanks for reading!

Siobhan x

Womens Executive Health Screening from

Indices Measured

  • Presenting Health Issues / Symptoms Review
  • Medical History
  • Lifestyle and Nutritional Assessment
  • Relevant Family History
  • Medications / Allergies History
  • Contraceptive /Family Planning consultation

Comprehensive Blood Profile

  • Full Blood Count
  • Bone Profile
  • Liver Function
  • Total Lipid Profile (cholesterol and triglycerides, HDL and LDL profile)
  • Fasting Blood Sugar (Diabetes)
  • Thyroid Function Testing
  • Kidney Function
  • Vitamin B12 and Folate
  • Vitamin D levels
  • Iron Studies
  • Ferritin
  • Menopausal / Fertility Hormone Profile, as required

Full Medical Physical Examination

  • Blood Pressure
  • Weigh-in to include BMI
  • Abdominal Girth
  • Lung Function Test
  • ECG
  • Cardiovascular and Respiratory Examination
  • Thyroid Examination
  • Breast examination + Self-Exam Tutorial
  • Abdominal Examination
  • Musculo-Skeletal Examination
  • Pelvic Examination if indicated

Additional Tests & Services

  • Stool Analysis for Microscopic Bloods (Colon Cancer Screening) using non-invasive test
  • Urine test for Diabetes, Infection and Kidney Disease
  • Cervical Smear (if indicated)
  • Dexa Scan for Postmenopausal Women
  • Chest X-ray (if indicated)
  • CA-125 Ovarian Cancer Marker (if clinically indicated)


2.5 hours




10 ways I failed to stay on track at the Wedding, and what I could have done

So I spent a fabulous weekend in Arklow Co. Wicklow for my cousin's wedding. I had such a fun weekend with my cousins and extended family. I never get to go to weddings so I was in a bit of a 'yolo' mindset heading away for the weekend.

First of all, to get into good shape, some sacrifices are necessary. However I am a big believer in 'no regrets' so I never want to look back and think I could have had more fun at that wedding if I let loose a little. I've realised that if I do go off track for a weekend, a few more weeks of hard work can pull it back. It is often worth it. The problem arrises, however, when you don't have a few weeks of hard work to pull it back. I've realised that I'm at that age where every second weekend (or even more frequently) there is a wedding, or a hen, or a 30th, or a christening... (note - none of which will be mine any time soon!) 

So I put a list together of everything I could have done better this weekend and what I will do in future!

1. I started 'holiday mode' way too early! I went for food and pints with some of my family on Thursday evening and then woke up too late and hungover to train on Friday morning. Nevermind the extra thousand or so calories I added onto my weekly intake.

2. I didn't train on the wedding day. Luckily I live beside a 24 hour gym and I could have gotten up to train before getting my hair done, which would have done some damage control and set me up for the day.

3. I didn't prep any food. I could have had some meals with me in the car for the day. The wedding was at 1pm so we had a fry in the morning and by the time we ate our dinner it was almost 7pm. I'm pretty sure I had about 6 bread rolls before the 4 course meal!

4. One thing I wouldn't change - enjoying the meal. I will never be the person who whips out the tupperware at the wedding meal. If it is one meal where you go way over your calories, it shouldn't be a huge issue. 

5. I need to realise I wasn't 'staaaaarving' by the time the triangular sandwiches and wedding cake came out. At this stage I had a good few drinks on board and when I see food after drinking I can't control myself. It is such unnecessary calories that I think I need to just avoid in future.

6. I should have aimed for more low calorie drinks. I was drinking prosecco and wine most of the day and then gin and tonics all night. I could have saved a lot of calories (and a lighter hangover!) if I avoided the wine and drank water with dinner. Then I should have gotten slimline tonic with my gins. I only recently saw a video that there is 26 teaspoons of sugar in a large bottle of tonic 'water'.

7. I should have planned what I was going to have for breakfast. I really went to town on the buffet breakfast. And I probably felt worse after it. If I was being smart about it, I should have had eggs and bacon, and avoided the carbs until later in the day. 

8. I should have drank less. But the party kept going in the residence bar?! I don't think I would have had any less of a night if I had gone on the water in the residence bar! They even provided tayto, bread and butter... A brilliant or terrible idea?!

9. I should have gone to the gym! I brought my gear but I was too hungover. If I had gotten a session in, it would have done some damage control for 'Day 2'.

10. I probably did not need the night out in Arklow town on the Saturday night. I had a great day with my cousins and then a lovely family dinner again in the hotel. I could have gone home happy! But... lots more gin & tonics and half a garlic cheese chips later, I feel rubbish! In future I will try stick to one day weddings (unless of course they are my best friends etc) because it even rolled into me getting chips on 'Day 3'.

Have you any tips on how to limit the damage at events? Tag a friend that might find this helpful!

Siobhan x


Two Weeks Post Breast Augmentation at The Avoca Clinic

Hey guys! Just got my stitches out and feeling great!

Here is a video explaining how I'm feeling. If you have any questions just ask! 

Siobhan x

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One Week Post Surgery at The Avoca Clinic

Here's another video update on how I am feeling after my breast augmentation last week!

If you've any questions let me know! 

Siobhan x

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Under Armour Healthbox Review

I have been lucky enough to have been asked to test out the full Under Armour HealthBox, ahead of the European launch date (June 30th 2016).  After showing a preview of the Under Armour Record app on snapchat, I wanted to share a full review.

Taken from the press release, here is a little more information on the UA HealthBox.

“UA HealthBox is a revolutionary suite of products that is a world first in connected fitness systems. We continue to strive to make athletes better and UA HealthBox is another new technology that will help athletes of all levels, as they approach training in a 24/7 way" said Chris Bate, Managing Director Europe, Under Armour.

Now available on, the range includes:

  • UA HealthBox™: The world’s first Connected Fitness system designed by HTC made by athletes for athletes. The complete system includes UA Band, UA Scale, UA Heart Rate and retails for €449.00 // £349.00
  • UA Band™: A sleek sport band packed with advanced technologies in a uniquely adaptive form-fitting design. UA Band automatically tracks steps, distance, resting heart rate and sleep, and retails for €199.00 // £149.00
  • UA Heart Rate™: A compact heart rate monitor that features an innovative micro snap technology designed to provide comfort during workouts. UA Heart Rate retails for €89.00 // £69.00
  • UA Scale™: A Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled scale with an iconic circular design that measures weight and body fat percentage, and recognises up to eight individuals. UA Scale retails for €199.00 // 
  • UA SpeedForm® Gemini 2 Record Equipped: Under Armour’s first smart shoe tracks and stores data including time and date, duration, distance, and splits. This cutting-edge footwear provides an untethered running experience and allows the athlete to run device-free. The Gemini 2 RE retails for €130.00 and is available now on
  • UA Headphones Wireless: UA Headphones Wireless are engineered by JBL®, built for durability and guaranteed to never fall out. Available at and, the UA Headphones Wireless retail for €149.00

"UA Record exclusively powers the UA HealthBox experience and will serve as the hub for Under Armour’s performance and fitness data. UA Record now provides a holistic view of your health based on four quadrants - SLEEP, FITNESS, ACTIVITY and NUTRITION - through an intuitive single-view dashboard. This snapshot view of your daily progress is set towards individual goals and calculates insights based on your performance, including a brand new metric, “How do you feel?”. "

I have been using the Record app for a few months already but it becomes a lot more interesting when it is reading my sleep and steps from the UA Band, my fitness stats from the UA Heart Rate, my weight and body fat percentage from the UA Scale. 




While I am training, I can see how hard I am training by looking at the LED light on the UA Band on my wrist that indicates which heart rate zone I am currently in. I can also review the workout on the Record app in more detail when I am finished training. I particularly like the 'Willpower' score. The app learns your training habits and scores your workouts compared to other workouts you have done. 



The UA Scales has been interesting as I have been weighing myself daily. This is something I normally advise clients against doing but I have a healthy relationship with the scales and I have been using it as a tool to assess my maintenance calories. I have been testing how many calories I can have before going up on the scales (both in kg and body fat%). I feel like I have plateaued slightly with building muscle so when I see an increase on the scales I can usually see that I have gone over on my calories because it is all there in the app.





Because of the millions of users worldwide, Under Armour has partnered with IBM Watson to provide insights around training, nutrition, sleep and activity. 

This means you can compare yourself to other people of the same demograph. 

In summary, this is an excellent package to learn more about your training, nutrition and how your body reacts. Technology is advancing so quickly that it removes a lot of the guess work. The great thing about the HealthBox is that you don't have to invest in the full package at once. Each part can be used on its own too. For example, if you don't have the scales, you can still record your weight on the app. 

If you have any questions at all, leave them below and I will try answer them from experience.

Available in Ireland in Lifestyle Sports Grafton Street/Dundrum and from  

UPDATE: Under Armour have given me a full HealthBox to GIVE AWAY to one lucky reader. Check out my instagram to enter! Comp closes 23/07/2016


24 Hours Post Surgery at The Avoca Clinic

I can't believe how smooth everything went! I went in yesterday morning and I was home and baking brownies yesterday evening!

Here is a video explaining my whole process and how I'm feeling now! 

If you have any questions at all about the process fire ahead! Check out my Snapchat to hear me talk about it daily - 'Siobhsies'

Also check out The Avoca Clinic's facebook page and instagram account.

Siobhan x